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🕺 This track is crafted to provide you with a positive and enriching dance experience.  You will learn about the roots and evolution of Bachata music, the instruments and musicality, along with dance fundamentals that will give you the confidence needed to continue your Bachata dance journey. 

🎓 Learn from expert instructors; internationally acclaimed and seasoned dance figures, each instructor brings years of experience and passion to their craft.  

  Learn in an Inclusive Environment, where you can choose to lead or follow regardless of your gender expression, where you will be supported and encouraged to learn, grow, and dance in community.


✨ What to Expect:

New to Bachata? We got you!

 We are thrilled to offer an important addition to this year's Queer Afro Latin Dance Festival - the Bachata Beginner Track Workshops!


For the first time ever, we are introducing a dedicated track designed especially for those new to dancing and new to the Queer Afro Latin Dance Festival. 

Whether you've never stepped foot onto a dance floor before or are someone who has been dancing and now wants to dig deeper into the world of Bachata, the Bachata Beginner Track Workshops is your gateway to a solid foundation upon which you can continue to build on.

The Bachata Beginner Track, is a carefully curated series, comprised of four classes, designated for those taking their first steps into the world of Bachata.  Led by expert instructors, this track offers a supportive environment where beginners can grasp the foundational steps, technique, and the joy of Bachata dancing.  
No experience or partner required.



🌈 who is it for?

bachata fundamental workshops

choose from these

🎓 fundamentals Beginner track
history & evolution

⏰ Friday, 14th | 11:00 am

📍2nd floor | room #3

jahaira fajardo

🎓 Bachata Musicality  - 90 min

⏰ Friday, 14th | 2:00 pm

📍1st floor | room #02

ace fusion

🎓 bachata Fundamentals  - 90 min

⏰ saturday, 15th | 9:30 am

📍2nd floor | room #05- Main ballroom

Alex & Desiree

🎓 Bachata Switching  - 90 min

⏰ sunday, 16th | 11:00 am

📍1st floor | room #03

kathy reyes

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beginner track workshops

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alex & desiree

kathy reyes

jahaira fajardo

ace fusion


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Prepare to take your salsa skills to new heights as we present an exclusive opportunity to join an outstanding 90-minute Mastery Salsa Workshop, led by the one and only, Karel Flores and Bruno Rodriguez!  Renowned for their technical prowess and artistic expression, Karel & Bruno will share insights, tips, and feedback to elevate your dance to the next level.

For an additional $25, reserve your place in this exclusive workshop and embark on a transformative journey of salsa mastery, with Karel & Bruno! 

Limited spots available. Advanced Level.

master workshops

Elevate Your Salsa with Karel Flores: A Special 90-Minute Mastery Workshop!

⭐️ What's this mastery workshop about?

Prepare for an immersive experience designed to reconnect you with your authentic self on the dance floor. In this class, Kyla provides a safe and welcoming space, utilizing breath, freeform movement, and Afro Latin dance concepts to help you discover the power and beauty within. Whether you're seeking confidence in improvisation or aiming for a natural flow in dance and life, Kyla's class offers the perfect opportunity. Embrace an open heart and mind as Kyla guides you through any fears or insecurities, creating a loving space to reveal your confidence on the other side. Join us for a transformative journey, and as Kyla expresses, "I cannot wait to feel connected to you ❤️

Limited spots available.  All levels welcome.

Empower Your Dance Journey with Kyla: Cultivate Confidence and Connection on the Floor

⭐️ What's this mastery workshop about?

New Way Vogue is one of 3 styes of voguing.
The style is known for voguers showing off contorted and flexible poses with precision and grace.
New Way is an element of vogue that shows mastery in creating lines, shapes, boxes, and face framing to the beat of the music.
Classes begins with an ab conditioning series, a stretch series and then exercises of movement to help understand the dance form.
Though students learn through a structure within class, voguing is improv based. It was created to be a free form of expression.
The structure is there to help students explore the dance form but in the end it is to express both freely and confidently.

For an additional $25, reserve your place in this exclusive workshop.

Limited spots available. All levels welcome.

new way vogue with jason rodriguez: A Special 90-Minute Mastery Workshop!

⭐️ What's this mastery workshop about?

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