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As we work to ensure the utmost integrity and quest for dance excellence, we have put together an impressive and prestigious panel of judges:

About the Judges

Jorjet Alcocer, is the most versatile dancer on the planet.

Known as the “ Salsa MVP”. She has traveled the world both leading and following Salsa On1/On2, Bachata, Pachanga, Punta and more.

Jorjet's natural style amazes her onlookers and has given her enormous respect from the Salsa elite. From teaching a Ladies styling class one hour to teaching an Advanced Partnerwork class the next hour, she can do it all.

Other dances include: Tango, West Coast Swing, Hustle, Two Step, Waltz.  

Jorjet Alcocer

Specializing in Latin-style dancing, Alex and Desiree are professional dancers who partnered in 2015 to share their passion with the world. Whether it’s teaching at the world’s premier dance festivals or bringing exciting-energetic showcases to stages across the globe, they are currently among the most sought out artists today. While both Alex and Desiree are well rounded in many forms of dance the world has really embraced their interpretation of Bachata. They have undoubtedly become the leading couple representing Bachata Clásica also known as Traditional or Dominican Style Bachata. 

Their trajectory includes winning world coveted titles and recognition for their signature choreography and their abundant contributions to the Latin dance scene. You may have also seen Alex AnD Desiree on television shows, music videos, and all over social-media platforms. Despite their popularity, however, their focus continues to be the spread of joy and passion through the growth of dance communities everywhere. Apart from coaching and training dancers from across the globe, Alex and Desiree are also part of the official judging panel at two of the world's most prestigious Dance Championships such as the World Salsa Summit and Bachata World Masters. 


Oscar & Tiffany are a brother and sister duo!

They have 15 years of artistic career, champions in various salsa competitions with acrobatics, such as in Colombia salsa festival 2013 and 2017, Ecuador salsa congress 2014 ESBN, 2018 salsa summit. In 2021 Tiffany won 2nd place professional drag queen and has been a champion in various competitions, and ambassadors of the drag world in many parts of the world.

We have been to America's got talent 2022 and we are in the France got talent 2022 finals.

Oscar & Tiffany

Karel Flores was born and raised in Mexico City Mexico into a family or artists. From very young, Karel was exposed to both acting and dancing, from forming part of every dance group in school to taking up on main roles in Mexican soap operas.

Throughout the years, she took up on acting, jazz, Hawaiian dancing and cheerleading but these were only extracurricular activities and she never imagined actually making a career out of dance nor acting. However, not until her late years in high school that she discovered the dance that would change her life, salsa. Being an overachiever, Karel moved cities to be able to train with the best dance co. In Mexico “salsa con clave” directed by the world-known Víctor and Gaby. However her hunger to learn didn’t stop there.

After about 6 months, she decided to go to NYC for only a few months to try to learn as much as she could. However, those few months turned in to now 8 years, when during her stay she was invited to join her dream dance company, Yamuleé.

Training directly under Osmar’s direction she was able to constantly alternate with his permanent dance partner. Not long after an opportunity arose when Osmar’s former partner decided to take a break from dance. With not a moment of hesitation, Karel embraced the opportunity and shortly after, she became Osmar Perrones’ official dancer parter.

Years of training and hard work has allowed Karel to become a world wide known top dancer and instructor. With Yamulee dance co., As the director’s former partner and female lead dancer, and now as a solo artist, instructor and choreographer, Karel has traveled and conquered hearts and stages from North to South America, Europe and Asia.

Karel Flores

Do you have what it takes to face these judges?

You’ll never know unless you try. Here is your opportunity!
 We welcome all gender presentations and encourage a culture of Queer and Trans visability and creativity.  

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